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In these difficult times when people, Businesses and their communities are experiencing financial uncertainty, we may be the voice you need. we specialize in possible legal remedies to misfortune. Whether it's litigation or bankruptcy to help reorganize your debt, stop collections and otherwise form a business plan for the future. 


As a former Airborne Artillery Soldier and Attorney for over 20 years, I am committed to "Mission First, People Always." That means committing all necessary resources to achieve the desired result, without forgetting the impact on those persons which I serve.

No cost consultations. In nearly every kind of case, we will meet with you to discuss your difficulty and to explore possible legal remedies, whether its litigation or bankruptcy, at no cost to you.  No limits.

Representative clients include: construction companies, light manufacturing, auto service facilities, bottling plant, single asset real estate holdings, restaurants, convenience stores, rental management, printers, and high earning individuals.  

The different formulations of a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization are as varied as the very businesses that file bankruptcy petitions. We make certain the plan is feasible or will work, that the plan is "fair and equitable," and finally that the plan does not violate the absolute priority rule.

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Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code allows businesses and individuals to stop collections, levies, and lawsuits and to form a plan to reorganize debts and to modify other obligations. In most cases the Debtor has 180 days to negotiate with its creditors and file a plan of reorganization. Other than taxes and penalties, there is no limitation to the term of the plan of reorganization.